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> ​> ​
> you don't give any credit to what both copies say.

I do give them credit, I give BOTH copies
​equal ​
credit and that's why it's so silly to expect one and only one correct
answer to the question "What will I see tomorrow after I am duplicated?".

>> ​>> ​
>> Expects? I have no idea what the person in Helsinki expects to happen,
>> nor do I care what he expects.
> ​> ​
> Ah! OK. You should have told us this before.

​Christ! I have told you that before and done so in nearly every post I've
written! Predictions, correct or incorrect have absolutely positively
nothing to do with our feeling of self. In a discussion on the nature of
intelligence prediction would be a important consideration, but nobody
around here seems very interested in that, they just want to talk about
consciousness, a field that hasn't produced anything interesting in a very
long time.     ​

> ​>> ​
>> To ask which one
>> ​of the two ​
>> is the real Helsinki man
>> ​ ​
>> and
>> ​ ​
>> who has the "*THE* 1p"
>> ​ ​
>> is just silly.
> ​> ​
> Nobody has ever disagree on this.

​Good. So you must also agree the Helsinki mans vocalization "what one and
only one city will I see after I am duplicated?" is not a question, it's
just a noise the Helsinki man made with his mouth.  ​

​> ​
> the point you seem to deny is that both copies have got a bit of
> information.
They knew it would be W v M, and each copy got a precise answer. One has
> the W answer, and the other has the M answer.

​But that is exactly what I predicted​ would happen, even you correctly
predicted it. Mr.W will see W and Mr.M will see M. What more is there to
say? What have we failed to predict that will be revealed after the

> ​> ​
> Here, the closer continuer theory of Robert Nozick, in his Philophical
> Explanation,

​Nozick is nuts. Suppose I'm not the "closest continuer", does that mean I
have no identity even though I vividly remember being John Clark as a
child? Has some mysterious force emanated from that closer guy reach out
and found me and destroyed my consciousness?
​If the closest ​
​ is killed do I suddenly inherit his consciousness? ​

> ​> ​
> What do you expect will you live when doing the WM duplication. You expect
> to meet St-Peter or what?

Yes, ​I'm sure many people, perhaps most people, would expect to meet
St.Peter when they go into that duplicator. But I don't care what anyone
expects to happen, I care about what does happen. ​I'd much rather
interview the 2 people that came out of the duplicator than the one person
that went in.

​> ​
> Take the iterated case:

​No I don't want to take the
iterated case
​. ​I
​ idiocy is still  ​

>>  person*s*, that's plural, that means there are more than one, and yet
>> the "question" demands one and only one answer.
> ​> ​
> The question ask a mean to evaluate what you can expect from the first
> person

​If there are 2 people there is no *THE* ​
first person
​, and that's why it's not a question, and without a question there can be
no answer.​

​> ​
> You are not doing the experience, or not listelming to the question,

​I have answered every question I've heard. I have not answered gibberish. ​

> ​> ​
> but the question is very simple,

​Very simple indeed. ​

> ​> ​
> what do you expect
> ​ [...]​

​I would expect that even you would be more interested in what will happen
to you than what you expect will happen to you.​

​ John K Clark​


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