On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 12:51 PM, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

​>> ​
>> That does not compute. If ​BOTH answer are correct
>> ​ then the Helsinki man will see Moscow AND Washington not ​
>> Moscow
>> ​OR​
>>  Washington
>> ​. Come on Bruno, this isn't rocket science.​
> ​> ​
> Let us ask all the copies if any of them saw M and W.

​Why ask them that? The bet isn't about what any one copy will see because
we already know what that will be with 100% certainty, Mr. W will see W and
Mr. M will see M. The bet, at least as I see it,  is "Tomorrow how many
cities will beings who remember asking the question today be in?". If
that's not the bet then I have no idea what the bet is and I very strongly
suspect you don't know either.

​> ​
> Oops, none of them saw two cities

One can't be in 2 cities at the same time, but 2 can be
and so can Bruno Marchal because Bruno Marchal
​ ​
has been duplicated. That's what "duplicated" means and duplication has
and some of them are odd, not paradoxical just odd.

I've asked the following question 4 times and you've refused to answer 4
times but I'm going to ask for a fifth time because it gets to the very
heart of the topic:

*Are the following 2 questions equivalent?*

1) What will I see tomorrow?
2) Tomorrow what will the person who remembers being me right now see?

I can answer that question and the answer is YES. You should be able to
answer it too with a simple YES or NO, and I don't want to hear any pee
dodges of the question because the same level of pee and iterations of pee
and any other convolutions of pee applies equally to both questions. So are
they equivalent or are they not? If you can't provide a simple one word
answer to that question then you quite literally don't know what you're
arguing in favor of and you're wasting your time and ours.

John K Clark


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