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​>> ​
>> Let me ask you
>> Stathis Papaioannou
>> ​a different question, do you think the following 2 questions are
>> equivalent?​
>> 1) What will *I*
>> ​see​
>>  tomorrow?
>> 2) What will Stathis Papaioannou see tomorrow?
>> ​If they are equivalent then ​
>> Stathis Papaioannou
>> ​(aka *I*) will see 2 cities tomorrow.  ​
>> John Clark says they are equivalent, what does
>> Stathis Papaioannou
>> ​say?​
> ​> ​
> They are not equivalent if duplication will occur. There will be two
> Stathis Papaioannous who will see two different things.


> ​> ​
> We will have to start referring to them using different proper nouns, eg
> SP1 and SP2.


> ​> ​
> However, there is only ever one "I", correctly used by each copy

True. Even in a world with "I" duplicating machines when looking from the
present into the past
​ ​
there is always only one "I".  All conscious beings will
​only ​
remember one
​ ​
thread. However the past and the future are NOT symmetrical so none of this
 true when looking from the present into the future. And the question is
about the future, and it contains the personal pronoun "I", so the answer
to the question isn't just unknown the answer does not exist and what is
worse it never will. So it's not a question. In that situation proper nouns
must be used in all questions about the future, personal pronouns just
generate silly nonsense.

​> ​
> Personal pronouns capture the peculiar and probabilistic nature of
> personal identity

​The very concept of probability becomes meaningless ​if after the
probabilistic prediction there is no way to ever know if the prediction
turned out to be right or not. And that is exactly what will happen if
personal pronouns are used in the prediction and personal pronoun
duplicating machines exist.

  John K Clark

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