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> You call yourself "I" and I call myself "I", simultaneously, and we don't
> fight over who deserves the title, because that is how pronouns work.

​Pronouns work fine today because nobody has yet made a "I" duplicating
machine, but when they do the English language is going to need a massive
overhaul.  ​

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> If the bet is that "SP1 will see W" then this will happen as a matter of
> definition, and it isn't an interesting bet.

​I know that's the problem. But there are worse things than being
uninteresting, like being incoherent.   ​

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> If the bet is that "I will see W" it may look like a similar bet but it is
> in fact different

​I agree it is different. One may be boring and predictable and pointless
but it ​is a bet, the other is not a bet, it's just a sequence of words.

> ​> ​
> So one copy wins the bet

​So which one wins the bet? The one that sees W. But which one sees W? The
one that wins the bet. And round and round we go.​

​> ​
> and everyone agrees on this.

​And everyone correctly predicted this. And I correctly predicted it would
be silly.

John K Clark​


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