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> Before the duplication SP bet that "I will see W".

​And that's the problem right there. The above is about the "I" BEFORE the
duplication but ​AFTER the duplication 2 people can make a equally strong
case that they and they alone are deserving of the grand title Mr. I.  So
who is the real Mr. I?

After the duplication both are identical and, presuming one city doesn't
have a special magic the other city lacks, we can logically
​ ​
conclude that
​ ​
either both are Mr. I or neither are Mr. I. If both are then "I" will see W
*AND* M. If neither are then "I" will not see any cities at all. In NO case
will the "I" before the duplication see one city but not the other, so W *OR
*M can never be the correct answer. We can always find a "I"  that
remembers being I before the duplication that is in W, and we
​can ​
always find a "I" that remembers being I before the duplication that is in

Of course untangling the above would be completely unnecessary if personal
pronouns were ditched and only the proper noun the pronouns are suposed to
refer to were used, but the complicated tangle is not a bug it's a feature,
it's a great place to hide fuzzy thinking. Hence the refusal of Bruno to
stop using personal pronouns.

> ​> ​
> After the duplication SP1 sees W

​And what is the one and only one ​definition of "SP1"? SP1 is the SP that
will see W. And who will see W?

And round and round we go

> ​> ​
> and SP2 sees M.

And what is the one and only ​one definition of "SP2"? SP2 is the SP that
will see M. And who will see M?

​SP2.​ And round and round we go.

> ​> ​
> Everyone agrees that this is fair

​And everyone also agrees it's silly to make a bet on something that is
possible ​to predict with 100% accuracy. It's actually even worse than
that, it's not only
​ to make such a prediction it's EASY.​ And that explains the title of this

John K Clark

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