On Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 8:59:42 AM UTC-6, Philip Thrift wrote:
> On Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 5:54:46 AM UTC-6, Lawrence Crowell wrote:
>> My point is that in physics what might be called a halting condition is 
>> an attractor point or limit cycle. Equilibrium is the terminal point in the 
>> evolution of some system, say thinking according to Landauer's original 
>> paper on thermodynamics and information. The quantum field theory of black 
>> holes has no equilibrium condition. Now if the black hole runs away with 
>> Hawking radiation it will “explode” in a burst of gamma rays and other 
>> quanta. A Turing machine that does not halt can also be said to burn itself 
>> out, and if anyone has programmed assembler there were loops you could put 
>> a machine into that might do damage. 
>> Sorry for being slow on this. I forgot to get flu shots this year and I 
>> have been hit with a real doozy of a flu. Since Sunday night until 
>> yesterday I was horribly ill, and only now am beginning to feel normal. Get 
>> the shots, you really do not want this flu!
>> LC
> I used to think that there *could be* true hypercomputation (what is 
> called super-Turing machines) in nature, but now I think that there is no 
> such thing (but anything remains possible, of course).
> *But the idea of substrate-independent Turing machines is incomplete.*
> I shouldn't say (if will jinx me!) but I've never gotten a flu shot and I 
> haven't gotten the flu in over 40 years.
> But I hope the flu program doesn't start running in / affect my substrate!
> - pt

I hate to pop your bubble here, but a few years ago at a New Year's party a 
person who had cancer go into remission made this statement that she never 
got colds or flus. A doctor I know was there and responded with how not 
getting these sicknesses is a risk factor for cancer! The woman died a last 
summer with the return of her non-Hodgkins lymphoma. 

Hyper-Turing computations or results are not accessible to local observers.


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