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*> Here is what I understand; correct me if I am wrong. In the multiverse
> created by a single split, we define the space-time distribution of
> mass/energy in this multiverse as the weighed (Born) sum of the
> distributions of the branches. So, each mass in each branch doesn't change;
> only its contribution to the corresponding "multiverse-total" mass is
> weighed.*


*> What is the point of a multiverse-total mass?*

There is very little point in talking about the Multiverse's total
mass/energy because, as I've said many times, in General Relativity the
conservation of energy is not even well defined at the largest cosmic
perspective, however some seem to have a fetish about that particular law
and want to preserve it at all cost. So even if cosmologists find a way to
make it useful at the cosmic level (it is and always has been useful at the
local level) Many Worlds can accommodate it, but at least at the present
time Many Worlds doesn't have much of a use for the conservation of energy,
nor does any the other theory that concerns fundamental cosmology.

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