> On 4/28/2022 10:45 AM, John Clark wrote:
> Exactly what axiom would that be? It can't be the Born rule because that 
> is not an axiom, that is an experimentaly derived fact.
> If I take some experimental result as granted, then it is an axiom, in my 
system. If you think we need to be more subtle, I propose that we adopt 
some qualitative principle (e.g., see below) as a practical assessment 
rather than as a formal assumption, and so we introduce "FAPP" (corrected 
as "for a practical purpose"). In my proposal I adopt "workability of QM".

 On Friday, April 29, 2022 at 12:07:08 AM UTC+3 meeke...@gmail.com wrote:

> It was a guess by Born.  If you want a measure on Hilbert space that 
> satisfies Kolmogrov's axioms of probability it must be Born's rule.  The 
> axiom could be, "QM measurement results are probabilistic."
We also need some additional assumption, For Gleason, it was 
"non-contextuality of measurements". I have seen others.

I think that it is enough to assume "equal measures imply equal 
probabilities", but I do not remember seeing this claim before. (I am 
unsure about that.)

George K.

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