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> In unitary evolution per the Schroedinger equation there are no "paticular 
> universes", there's only a ray in Hilbert space.  Multiple universes is a 
> FAPP viewpoint.  But so is wave-function collapse.

I am glad to agree with this. Now, the challenge for the MWI is to derive 
apparent collapse and the Born Rule (in the long run) from the approximate 
description "multiple universes". Also to explain, in  what sense this 
approximation is good enough.

The trouble with assuming an actual collapse-with-randomisation is the need 
for some mechanism for it, as I gather you too remark, in other words. I 
admit though that, starting with collapse-with-randomisation, it is easy to 
explain "FAPP".

Probabilities are whatever measures satisfy Kologorov's axioms or their 
> logical equivalent.   The information interpretation is QBism.

Formal properties are not enough to explain probabilities as a guide to 

George K.

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