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> I think some around here have forgotten there are two types of masses, 
> gravitational mass and inertial mass, even Newton knew this and knew the 
> value of these two things were always exactly the same. That's why two 
> cannonballs with different masses fall to the ground with the same 
> acceleration; although it took Einstein to tell us why these two apparently 
> opposite things, force and inertia, always had the same value. As their 
> name suggests, gravitational mass produces gravity and inertia mass 
> produces inertia. Gravity can be thought of as a force (or is the result of 
> space-time curvature) and a force changes the way an object moves, and 
> inertia resists any change in the way an object moves. So if you multiply 
> BOTH the inertial mass and the gravitational mass by any constant (and you 
> can't change one without changing the other) the result will be absolutely 
> no change in the motion of an object.  

A claim with amazing consequences. According to Sean, which you implicitly 
endorse by posting his blog, the energy of each universe on a split 
decreases according to Born's rule, but the Earth continues to remain in 
orbit. AG 

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