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> The question offered up 6 weeks ago was how does the similarity to animal
> brains arise from a Server Farm?
> At this point, I claim it doesn't and that 3 and 4 are clever Language
> Machines.
> To the claim that via magic, a consciousness arises in silicon or gallium
> arsenide seems a tall order. I have seen no article by any computer
> scientist, neurobiologist, or physicist, indicating HOW computer
> consciousness arose? If there is something out there, somebody please
> present a link to this august mailing-list.

There is no process or structure that would satisfy as the secret of
consciousness. Suppose we discovered a new neurotransmitter in the brain
with exotic physical properties: how would that explain consciousness? Why
would silicon or gallium arsenide be so fundamentally different to this
neurotransmitter that it obviously couldn’t explain lain consciousness?

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Stathis Papaioannou

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