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*> It might affect you. *

I don't think so, but because it involves consciousness I'll never be able
to prove it, i'll never be able to prove anything about consciousness. But
I'm confident that if something acts just like me then it will be me.

*> Do you plan to freeze your brain?*

Yes, I've already paid the $80,000 bill to do so.

 > *Do you have a clause to only resuscitate to biological substrates?*

No, and it would not make any difference even if I did because it would not
be followed. I'm not at all sure cryonics will work at all because I'm not
sure my brain really will remain at liquid nitrogen temperatures until the
singularity, and even if it is I'm not at all sure anybody will think I'm
worth reviving, but I think my chances are infinitely better than if my
brain is burned up in a furnace or eaten by worms. If I am lucky enough to
be brought back I'm certain it will be as an upload, nobody will want
somebody as stupid as me (relative to the average citizen living at that
time) wasting resources in the physical world.

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> You can input nothing but a photograph into a modern "Language Machine"
> (by "modern" I mean something that has been developed in the last couple of
> months) and ask it what is in the photograph and it will be able to tell
> you, or ask it what will likely happen next to the object in the photo
> and it will give you a good answer. It can read and understand graphs and
> charts and if you show it a drawing from a high school geometry textbook
> full of intersecting lines circles squares and triangles and ask it to find
> the area of the second largest triangle in the upper left quadrant it will
> be able to do so. And if you ask what's humorous about the photograph it
> will be able to explain the joke to you. And it works the other way too, if
> you ask it to paint a picture of something, even something that doesn't
> exist, it will be able to provide an original painting of it that's far
> better than anything I could dream of painting.  How on earth can something
> that is just a "Language Machine" do amy of that?
> *> To the claim that via magic, a consciousness arises in silicon or
>> gallium arsenide seems a tall order.*
> It's no more magical than the claim that consciousness arises from 3
> pounds of gray goo made of carbon hydrogen and oxygen. Are you claiming
> that carbon hydrogen and oxygen are sacred but silicon gallium and arsenic
> are not? And besides, to hell with consciousness! If computers are not
> conscious then that's their problem not mine; it won't affect me one way or
> the other if computers are conscious or not, and I could say the same thing
> about your alleged consciousness.  I'm far FAR more interested in if
> computers are intelligent or not because that most certainly does affect
> me.
> *> The question offered up 6 weeks ago was how does the similarity to
>> animal brains arise from a Server Farm? *
> Because both animal brains and server farms process information
> intelligently.

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