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*> Just as Neuro-guys explan human consciousness*

Nonsense, the Neuro-guys are able to do no such thing and I am quite
certain the electronics guys won't be able to explain consciousness either,
other than by proposing the axiom that it's a brute fact that consciousness
is the way data feels when it is being processed intelligently. And it is
now much more obvious than it was even 2 months ago that the electronics
guys* CAN* explain intelligence.

* > If we don't know what, we will soon.*


*> UNLESS you hold that consciousness is a Mystery? *

The trouble is even if you find out that X causes consciousness the next
obvious question is what causes X. There are only 2 possibilities, an
iterative chain of "what" or "how" or "why" questions either goes on
forever, like a Matryoshka doll or an onion with an infinite number of
layers, or it ends with a brute fact, an event without a cause.

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