"Turq did practise TM for a number of years. If what you say is true, TM was a total failure."

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No comment on Anartaxius' comment, but I do wish that if Nabby is going to make up shit about me, he at least take a course in remedial math before doing so. He was off by quite a few years in calculating when my first enlightenment experiences were, placing them only a couple of years after I started TM. :-)
/So, your practice of TM was NOT a total failure, if what you say is true, and Anartaxius is lying? You two are not even making any sense./

As anyone who has actually read what I've written on this forum would know (and that of course includes Nabby, who is just...how do I say this delicately...lying), those first experiences in Fiuggi were only the first such experiences.
/Can you present any PROOF that you've had these experiences? We'll wait./
They have continued ever since, from the time I walked away from TM until the present, lasting anywhere from hours to days to weeks to months.
/They all sound like your own subjective experiences, and if so, they don't prove anything except that you read a few wisdom books and borrowed some words from the Puranas./

What I think he's freaking out about is that when they fade, I don't miss them. That fucks with his mind, since he's spent his entire life chasing something I don't even miss when it goes away. :-)
/So, how long did you chase your enlightenment experiences - two decades?/

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Turq did practise TM for a number of years. If what you say is true, TM was a total failure. This seems to be a problem with spiritual techniques in general, that most of the time they fail, if we go by our view of the persons practising them, and even according what these persons they say to us about their experiences. Success is rare.

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Yes, preliminary. The thing about experiences, even intermittent witnessing, is that some people collect these experiences, while remaining unchanged, themselves. Driven by egoic fear. It is like being a tourist of higher-consciousness experiences. I did listen to a bit of the Sat Shree interview and he says a veil, separating him from the rest of the universe, was torn open, with no possibility of being repaired. To live Being, silence, and bliss, is a far different thing, than collecting, "I saw this", and, "this happened once", and, "for awhile, this other thing happened". Enlightenment is not an aggregate, a museum, or even, a mausoleum, of experiences - that's how religions get born, in the graveyards of memories, of higher consciousness.

Experiences, as seen in the mind, continually shrink - very unsatisfying, whereas enlightenment constantly, effortlessly taps that font of creativity and expansion [pure awareness], renewing itself, so the mind, when it does act, has no need to rely on stale and shrinking memories - it can go anywhere it chooses, or just rest empty, in pure awareness. Once everything is available, there is no longer a need to collect experiences of any variety, no matter how tantalizing their memory may be.

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The Turq hasn't had any spiritual experiences in his whole life. Forty-five years ago he experienced a few days of witnessing in Fiuggji, but that's only a preliminary experience. Yet he likes to brag about it even today, decades later. Later he had some hallucinations about his Buddhist-guru, the Lenz-guy who killed himself while wearing a dog-collar around his neck, levitating. And that's it. The fact is that the Turq-fellow never had any spiritual experiences at all.
Yet he judge others, what a phony.

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