*/But Richard? My bet is that after a few minutes people would notice he was missing from the festivities. A few people would wonder where he went, but not many, and only for a second or two.
*/After the event they'd find him out back in the alley, having been beaten into a bloody pulp by the people he's stalked and abused for so many years. /*

I suspect everyone will be as curious as me to find out what he's really like, he plays his cards so close to his chest it's hard to see the humanity beneath. Or maybe he really does only speak in one sentence missives with a "go figure" at the end. Perhaps it's a Texan thing we didn't know about?
On 11/22/2014 9:34 AM, TurquoiseBee wrote:
*/Actually, he stole "Go figure" from me. He read it in Road Trip Mind and has been using it ever since. /*
*/So how exactly, would Barry be knowing what I said in an internet discussion group? Obviously he is is mistaken - I started using that phrase on May 5, 2001 on Google Groups. Everyone already knows that.

Excerpt from my essay entitled "Bon":/

"Later, the Walla asked Dr. Moore, Professor of Psychology, if the so-called "Manchurian Candidate", i.e. brainwashing hypothesis, was supported by modern social scientists, to which the doctor replied "I haven't seen that movie yet." Go figure.

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