--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Jun 15, 2006, at 2:20 AM, sparaig wrote:
> > Well, let's see, Ken Wilber, a rather superficial (sorry Judy)  
> > philosopher who has had a few
> > grad-level QM courses as part of his work in biology, concludes  
> > that QM can't have
> > anything to do with "true mysticism," whatever that means, vs John  
> > Hagelin, who published
> > a bunch of papers in the field, including the 27th most important  
> > paper of all time in the
> > field.
> He also got the Ig Nobel Prize, which is for "achievements" that  
> "cannot, or should not, be reproduced", i.e., for pseudoscience.

For the record (I could have sworn I made this point to
you before, Vaj), the Ig Nobel is not "for pseudoscience,"
or not *just* for pseudoscience.  Plenty of perfectly
legitimate scientific achievements are awarded the Ig
Nobel because they're weird in one way or another.  Those
are covered by the "or should not" part.

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