Hey Sherry,

I think that she does say no (a lot) and that's a good thing...I know
when I was trying to find a place for a FELV+ kitty from TX
MaryChristine told me that Dr. Jen only takes FELV+ cats in from her
own state and that there is a waiting list of 35 or 40 cats.

On 9/24/07, Sherry DeHaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We are not hoarders and I guess I made it sound like it when I said she
> can't say no. She does have to say enough is enough from time to time.Like
> right now,we can't take in anymore until we have more adoptions.Periodically
> we have to.We have a list to get cats into our program and it is a LONG
> one.So we are not hoarders at all.Just the space we have for the felv and
> fiv is what it is.We do not declaw the felv fiv cats.Wish we didn't the
> others,but that is not my decision.So I don't want anybody to be horrified
> at the wonderful shelters that I am proud to volunteer at.We are far from
> being hoarders,sorry if I made it sound like that.We have well over 100
> volunteers to help out and we do a damn good job.
> If anyone of you visited anyone of our shelters you would see how HAPPY the
> beautiful creatures are.I am done defending!!
> The phrase comes to mind, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."
> :(
> I have no doubt whoever is running this shelter has the best of intentions.
> One of my girls, the one I think was the first positive, came from just such
> a shelter (Angel Wings in Kingston, TN).  I know this lady had only the best
> of intentions in her heart, and I know she loved the kitties she tried to
> provide care for.  But I also know she didn't know how to say "No."  And a
> lot of innocent kitties suffered as a result.  It was a heartbreaking
> situation altogether :(
> Look, I have to know every day when to say "No."  My heart aches for some
> poor kitties I see at local shelters and adoption agencies, but I know I am
> not capable of caring for more than the three I have, and I know that to
> bring healthy, negative cats into a situation where they're at high risk of
> contracting FeLV is irresponsible.  I've replaced my sofa twice now due to
> kitty claws (FINALLY got them all trained.  It IS possible.) but I'd never
> dream of declawing, and I think most people are horrified here at the
> thought of a shelter using declawing as a standard policy.  Its
> unimaginable.  Even the lady I mentioned above gave me a very long lecture
> about declawing and made me sign contracts that I wouldn't do it.  Siamese
> Rescue done the same thing when I adopted my other two.  I think everyone
> here is horrified that, as you pointed out, she can't say "no."  We all must
> recognize our limits.  I am not saying you, or the woman who runs this
> shelter, are bad people, but even the best of intentions can be devastating
> (as I know personally.)   Hoarders "love" the cats they have, they just
> don't know when to say no.  Same goes for this situation, I think.  Our
> hearts just ache that as horrible as FIV and FeLV is, we have to live with
> the knowledge that this shelter is mixing them, and mutilating their little
> paws in the process.  Its just painful. Its not personal attacks on you, or
> to say that you don't have the best of intentions in your heart.
> Reminds me of a story I heard on NPR on my way home, talking about zero
> gravity effects on bacteria.  They were talking about infecting mice with
> salmonella to see how long it would take them to die.  It was just painful
> to listen to. :(
> Michael
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