The phrase comes to mind, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."  
I have no doubt whoever is running this shelter has the best of  intentions.  
One of my girls, the one I think was the first positive, came  from just such 
a shelter (Angel Wings in Kingston, TN).  I know this lady  had only the best 
of intentions in her heart, and I know she loved the kitties  she tried to 
provide care for.  But I also know she didn't know how to say  "No."  And a lot 
of innocent kitties suffered as a result.  It was a  heartbreaking situation 
altogether :(
Look, I have to know every day when to say "No."  My heart aches for  some 
poor kitties I see at local shelters and adoption agencies, but I know I am  
capable of caring for more than the three I have, and I know that to bring  
healthy, negative cats into a situation where they're at high risk of  
contracting FeLV is irresponsible.  I've replaced my sofa twice now due to  
claws (FINALLY got them all trained.  It IS possible.) but I'd never  dream of 
declawing, and I think most people are horrified here at the thought of  a 
shelter using declawing as a standard policy.  Its unimaginable.   Even the 
lady I 
mentioned above gave me a very long lecture about declawing and  made me sign 
contracts that I wouldn't do it.  Siamese Rescue done the same  thing when I 
adopted my other two.  I think everyone here is horrified  that, as you pointed 
out, she can't say "no."  We all must recognize our  limits.  I am not saying 
you, or the woman who runs this shelter, are bad  people, but even the best of 
intentions can be devastating (as I know  personally.)   Hoarders "love" the 
cats they have, they just don't  know when to say no.  Same goes for this 
situation, I think.  Our  hearts just ache that as horrible as FIV and FeLV is, 
have to live with the  knowledge that this shelter is mixing them, and 
mutilating their little paws in  the process.  Its just painful. Its not 
attacks on you, or to say  that you don't have the best of intentions in your 
Reminds me of a story I heard on NPR on my way home, talking about zero  
gravity effects on bacteria.  They were talking about infecting mice with  
salmonella to see how long it would take them to die.  It was just painful  to 
to. :(


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