Yes, this is their list too - but there are ways of saying things to
better get your point across for consideration versus inciting a riot
by throwing flames!  And while I don't have a specific quote, I believe
that's exactly what Rev.Martin Luther King,Jr. was trying to teach us
about tolerance and how to make changes effectively. 

I might have joined in the discussion with my experiences, but not under
the current judgemental/jump all over/boy-that's-stupid/intolerant replies
that have been going on.

Kat (Mew Jersey) 

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> And let us also remember, that when you say its our list, that "our"
> includes Glenda and Susan as well.??I believe, as Dr. Martin Luther
> King, Jr. once said, ???We will have to repent in this generation not
> merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people, but for
> the appalling silence of the good people.??I don't think anyone here
> has the right to try and silence anyone else on this list.??We all
> have opinions, and we're all entitled to share those opinions whether
> you like them or agree with them or not.????I'm relatively new to the
> group, I'll admit, but you lose your fundamental credibility when you
> start trying to silence certain people because you don't agree with
> them.??Look, I think many of us, some of whom are too shy to speak
> out, are horrified at the thought of a shelter declawing all their
> cats and mixing positives.??So I don't think its fair to single out
> Glenda and Susan.??Opinionated they may be, but they have every right
> to voice that opinion, just like the people who defend toe amputation.

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