Thanks Kerri for your kind words.  I will contact Revival about the immuno 
regulin as soon as I get the ok from this vet in Detroit.  Have other FelV cats 
on the group had anemia and next to no platelet counts?  This is BooBoo's 
predicament.  I did find out today that he will be 5 years old this July which 
suggests to me that he may have contracted this disease from a neighborhood 
cat.  He would show up here in the summer with bloodied ears which Bob and I 
would put antibiotic ointment on.  If that is the case I don't  know how long 
he has.  He has a bit of a runny nose which is why I think he snorts when he 
eats.  I'm going to call the vet and see if this is an issue.

In the meantime, I am going to try to be more positive around him.  

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  From: MacKenzie, Kerry N. 
  Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 4:45 PM
  Subject: RE: CLS

  Dear Lynne, 
  No one can say with certainty how long any of us are going to live. That 
includes BooBoo. 
  My view is that, just as my FeLV colony were lucky to find me, BooBoo was 
very lucky to find you. His life has improved a hundredfold since he became 
part of your family. 
  Whatever you do, please please please don't allow negative thoughts to 
dominate---BooBoo, plucky, lucky little soul that he is, sounds like he is 
happy and enjoying life. He needs you to be strong and happy, like him, and 
make the most of every day you have together. Remember, cats are so sensitive 
to their humans' mood---even more important that you be strong for him!
  Take each day as it comes, enjoy all the time you have together--life is 
short enough. 
  Remember too there are people on the list who have FeLV cats that are a ripe 
old age. One of mine threw off the virus, as did Michelle's cat Minstrel just 
  Enjoy the time you have together.
  Did you contact Revival about sending Immuno Regulin to you? No go? Apologies 
if you already posted the info on the list.
  hugs to you both, Kerry


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  Subject: CLS

  I'm sorry for not being knowledgeable of this, but what is CLS and the bridge 
you folks refer to?  

  I've been busy trying to find some ray of hope for my BooBoo.  I showed his 
blood work to the doc next door at work, who is a dog lover, not a cat but he 
interpreted it as being pretty bad.  He said he has no platelets.  He then got 
on the phone to a Vet friend who takes care of his dogs and gave him a brief 
history of Boo and his blood work.  The vet said there was nothing I could do 
about the situation and that most cats after being diagnosed lived for 2 years 
at a max.  I don't even know when BooBoo contracted the disease so who knows 
how long he has.  This vet though kept saying, it doesn't mean he's going to 
die, whatever the H that means.  I also have a pharmacist friend who is meeting 
with a vet friend of his in Detroit tomorrow and he too is running Boo's 
history by him to see if there is anything at all to help him.  Apparently 
Immuno Regulin is not available here in Canada so he's going to talk to this 
man about it tomorrow.  People have been very kind and honest but I just am 
finding this impossible to accept.  I can't wait to get home from work to see 
him and almost start bawling when I am with him.  I totally hate this.  I just 
hope he isn't feeling any pain.  He mostly sleeps but does purr a lot and seems 
to love having us around him.  I just don't know what else to do.

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