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I thought I sent you a couple links to check with for the IR one was in
Canada. I think it could only be ordered by a vet. Goes by the name
Equistim(big vial bc it for horses). Also looks like Revival would ship you
would have to call them for specifics. Good luck.


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>  I'm sorry for not being knowledgeable of this, but what is CLS and the
> bridge you folks refer to?
> I've been busy trying to find some ray of hope for my BooBoo.  I showed
> his blood work to the doc next door at work, who is a dog lover, not a cat
> but he interpreted it as being pretty bad.  He said he has no platelets.  He
> then got on the phone to a Vet friend who takes care of his dogs and gave
> him a brief history of Boo and his blood work.  The vet said there was
> nothing I could do about the situation and that most cats after being
> diagnosed lived for 2 years at a max.  I don't even know when BooBoo
> contracted the disease so who knows how long he has.  This vet though kept
> saying, it doesn't mean he's going to die, whatever the H that means.  I
> also have a pharmacist friend who is meeting with a vet friend of his in
> Detroit tomorrow and he too is running Boo's history by him to see if there
> is anything at all to help him.  Apparently Immuno Regulin is not available
> here in Canada so he's going to talk to this man about it tomorrow.  People
> have been very kind and honest but I just am finding this impossible to
> accept.  I can't wait to get home from work to see him and almost start
> bawling when I am with him.  I totally hate this.  I just hope he isn't
> feeling any pain.  He mostly sleeps but does purr a lot and seems to love
> having us around him.  I just don't know what else to do.
> Lynne

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