Mary Christine,

I appreciate your questions, there are many thoughts on this issue.

If you will re-read my post, I said that there were 'conflicting' studies. I was just trying to take away guilt of any loving owner that had either vaccinated or not vaccinated their positive kitties and the good or bad results that followed. Either decision can be supported.

As I remember, which I do very well, the studies that were conducted many years ago

(late 70's -when I was still in grad school at OSU- and when successful vaccines for FeLV were being developed , both 'live' and 'killed' (studies at that time were decreased due to lack of grant funding-remember the oil crisis and recession then, much like now), and then, the 80's and 90's at least gathered a bit of evidence with anecdotal stories to OSU from owners and past study participants with pros and cons of the 'killed' virus),

and further study needs to be done, as I explicitly stated.

As far as I know, there is no 'definitive info on this subject. The only way that a 'killed' virus theoretically could cause a problem is if the adjuvant with which it is carried is a problem to the recipient. These many years later I can not site specifics on the papers, heaven knows I am not aware of all of the individual cases that were gathered, but spoke with the researchers at the time. In my post, I gave thoughts, just from memory and personal experience, and my feelings on the subject as I have found, and expressed the unknowing and questions that still exist.

There is much to be learned with more research dollars. I think you will see that this is what I briefly posted previously. I have included my past post that you referred to directly below, and your questions below that. I appreciate your scrutinization of my post, and compliment you on your long standing, caring, study and care of the unfortunate FELV+ kitty.

Karen Griffith-740-992-5782 (If you have any questions)


I have found over the years that 'symptomatic' kitties do not do well immediately after vaccination.

My previous message-

I can appreciate your post.  There are studies that say that vaccination
helps the FELV kitty and others that say just the opposite.  I have found
that vaccination of positive cats decreases their survivability in the
immediate situation.  (Who knows what long term figures are for asymptomatic
kitties).  We'll have to wait another 10 yrs to get the real results with
double blind studies.  They are wonderful animals.  They thrive and survive
despite our best efforts in many cases.  We need to send a blessing to all
on this list that help every day and try to take the best care possible of
these immunocompromised souls.  I just do what I have found to be successful
over the last 10 years or so.


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would like to see what studies you are talking about, karen--as far as i
know there haven't been any done at all re: the effects of vaccinating
positive cats. there are just various schools of thought, and a mounting lot of anecdotal evidence that tends to support the possibility that vaccinating positive might actually lengthen their lives, as has been the experience of
many folks on this list. most things i've seen have said not to BOTHER
vaccinating positives as it's a waste of money and vaccine, NOT that it has
any bad effect on them. it's a killed vaccine, so the only time i've ever
seen anyone saying, "don't vaccinate, it'll give the cat the virus!" is from
folks who say that about negatives, too, because they don't understand how
vaccines work in the first place.

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