You are definitely in the right place!  You'll get lots of good ideas here...  
As someone owned by 3 FELV - & 1 FELV+ cat, I can understand how frightening 
this all is.  My Tucson is 8 + years old & I've had her since she's a kitten. I 
never seperated them & no one has turned pos in all these years.  My Tucson had 
a neg Elissa (snap) test when she was a kitten & had pos 4 years later--go 
figure!  I had one other cat, Romeo, who I took in after feeding him as a stray 
for a couple of years.  He was the oldest cat & lived w. me for several years, 
healthy & happy--sadly he succumbed to lymphoma last fall.  

You might want to wait a bit for the IFA--its always possible he fights the 
virus off.  As for risk to humans, there is absolutely none.  FELV is a virus 
that suppresses cat's immune system--pos cats don't ever die from the virus but 
they are much more prone to succumb to any sort of infections or some forms of 
cancer.  W. kittens, the riskiest things are upper respiratory or urine tract 
infections or gum infections, etc.  

There are folks on this group who have used interferon & some other 
experimental drugs.  I have not though when my Tucson has had a couple of bouts 
with really low white blood cell counts, my vet gave her some shots of immuno 
regulin.  Tucson could never handle more invasive sorts of treatments--its just 
her personality.  I give them all some decent food, they're all inside cats & 
other than the occasional tussles among each other, they lead a pretty stress 
free life!  

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>Subject: [Felvtalk] needing support
>Hi there-
>I don't know if this is the right place, but I am hoping for some feedback.
>I recently adopted two kittens, a brother and sister.  At 7 weeks, I had
>them tested for FeLV.  The boy kitty is positive but the girl kitty is
>negative.  Is that even possible?  They have been living together for 7
>weeks; wouldn't she be positive if he was at this point?  I am taking them
>both in tomorrow so he can be re-tested with the IFA and she can be
>vaccinated.  I am absolutely devastated.   I am in love with both of these
>kitties and am looking for some hope.  My boy kitty is active and playful,
>though he has had a little diarrhea today and is eating a little less.  I'm
>totally freaked out.  I am keeping the two apart, which is also killing me,
>because they are such a comfort for each other.  Does anyone know what my
>odds are for his second test being negative?  Is is weird that she's
>negative?  If he is positive, do I have to keep them apart forever?  If we
>have a baby and he is positive, do we have to get rid of him?  I can't even
>bare thinking of all of this, as he snuggles on my tummy purring while I
>type.  Any advice, support, guidance is sincerely appreciated.
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