Yes, I would agree too. TGTools and other plugins make Finale perfectly fine 
for doing music.

And it doesn’t require some stupid dongle to run on multiple computer.

> On Jan 31, 2019, at 1:37 PM, Robert Patterson <> 
> wrote:
> It seems as though the point of my plugin post is being lost. The point was
> that with 3rd-party plugins you can design a work flow in Finale that is
> highly efficient. That Dorico can achieve comparable efficiency out of the
> box is to its credit, but my point is that it is quite possible to achieve
> a similar level of efficiency with Finale. Doing so requires thought,
> planning and, above all, 3rd-party plugins.
> What you absolutely *can't* do in Finale is multi-turn slurs like Dorico
> apparently has. And that is one (among many) failures of Coda
> Music/MakeMusic to show leadership. They could have implemented multi-turn
> slurs 15 years ago and been an industry first mover. I know because I
> suggested it then and at regular intervals since. This is but one example.
> Nevertheless I would also dispute that the current dev staff at Makemusic
> lacks commitment or talent. On the contrary, my dealings with them reveal a
> talented staff that knows the code base and is committed to improving it.
> If there are leadership problems at Makemusic, they are higher up than the
> developer staff I deal with.

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