Here are my most used plugins (JW and Patterson):

Copy Part Layout - native in Dorico
Instrument Change - native in Dorico
Kitchen Department - native in Dorico
Start New Piece - native in Dorico
Yada Yada Tremelo - easily achieved and customised in Dorico
Settings Scrapbook - I only used this to overcome a terrible old bug, not 
needed in Dorico

Percussion goes way beyond any other software in that you can have, for 
example, a kit in the score but split to separate staves in the parts. You can 
easily move an instrument with its music to another player.
Using Dorico’s ‘flows’, you can have multiple new pieces with automatically 
shown and completely formatable and customisable title/header info, set per 
layout to start on a new page or to flow on from the previous page - with 
different automatic titling options for each.

As to the relevance of this discussion, this is not a MakeMusic owned group. 
Most of us (I’m sure) have to be able to at least work in Finale and Sibelius. 
I sometimes have to prepare scores in Cubase, Logic and DP. Comparing software 
across platforms is a very useful thing, especially Jari’s and Robert’s plugins 
- without which Finale would be a horror. If MakeMusic have any sense they will 
be playing with Dorico to see where they need to go.

Steve P.

> On 31 Jan 2019, at 13:42, David H. Bailey <> wrote:
> Craig makes some very important points.  Added to the fact that Finale is 
> basically frozen in time is it's horrible corporate history, having been sold 
> from company to company because nobody has any idea what to do with it.  
> There is a very real fear that someday whichever company owns Finale at that 
> point might try to sell it, find no buyers and then just let it die forever, 
> leaving all Finale users high and dry and in need of other notation software 
> to move to.
> One additional point I would make is that like all human discussion groups, 
> the discussion moves in whatever direction those who are doing the discussing 
> move it.  If someone wants to get it back more focused on Finale, then it's 
> important that they raise a question or make a statement for others to 
> discuss.
> This group is not lead by designated discussion leaders -- we're all 
> responsible for the discussions.
> So ask a finale related question and see where the discussion goes.
> David H. Bailey
> On 1/31/2019 8:35 AM, Craig Parmerlee wrote:
>> If Finale were doing any significant developments to their product I'm sure 
>> we would be happy to talk about that.  It is the fact that Finale is 
>> basically frozen in time that causes people to think about what other 
>> options are available and practical.
>> In the case of this thread, the main question seems to be how difficult it 
>> would be to make a move to Dorico if a person uses the various FInale 
>> plug-ins very heavily. If this doesn't interest you, that's OK, but it seems 
>> to be a rather important question for those who depend on the plug-ins.
>> Those Finale plug-ins don't always have a direct counterpart in Dorico. 
>> That's why it is necessary to talk in some depth about how Dorico operates.
>> On 1/31/2019 3:14 AM, Paolo Alberto Rismondo wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> It seems to me that this is 'Finale mailing list', not '... mailing list'.
>>> Thank you in advance for your kind attention,
>>> all best,
>>> Paolo A. Rismondo
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