On 1/31/2019 4:37 PM, Robert Patterson wrote:
[snip]> Nevertheless I would also dispute that the current dev staff at Makemusic
lacks commitment or talent. On the contrary, my dealings with them reveal a
talented staff that knows the code base and is committed to improving it.
If there are leadership problems at Makemusic, they are higher up than the
developer staff I deal with.

I have never doubted the ability or the dedication of the development staff that has worked on Finale over the years. I have huge doubts about the commitment to innovation and improvement on the parts of the higher-ups at each of the corporate layovers that Finale has had to endure over the years.

But I have always had great respect for the developers themselves -- however they can only do what the management will allow them to do, and therein lies the problem with Finale dropping from market leader to market follower.

David H. Bailey
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