There may have been some merit in Apple's battery argument since greater cpu activity, for Flash's vector format, might incur a greater energy cost.

Although Flash is having a hard time I was thinking more of using AIR, which I think has more life left in it.

The thing is, I have no idea how active developers are with app's delivered via AIR.
Are there many AIR app's being produced?


On 05/09/2014 18:37, Henrik Andersson wrote:
The rumors of Flash dying are overblown. The Flash and AIR runtimes are
still great at what they do.

Apple pulled a stunt to shame Flash, but the truth is that they just
wanted to protect their appstore. They didn't want to kill Flash. They
wanted to kill Flash apps in the browser. They have succeeded, within
their target market. Developers obeyed the dictators and moved to the
appstore. The runtime remains great.

John McCormack skriver:
Very comprehensive!
I suppose these are the hooks that Microsoft uses when a program crashes.

Henrik, I noticed that your subject has "AIR native extension".

Are you of the opinion that AIR still has a long life ahead of it?
I ask because I like AS3 and would like to write some app's for
delivery in AIR but am afraid to go down a dead end.


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