On Dienstag, 6. Juli 2004 13:48, Norman Vine wrote:
> Norman Vine write:

Thanks, that helped very much!

I have hacked together a little proof of concept code of what I described 

It implements a little triangle cache which consists of a ssgBranch with at 
most 10 ssgLeafs each containing one triangle.
I do a FGHitList::Intersect(...) with that private ssgBranch to get the 
required information. If the cache does not contain the triangle below the 
gear, I intersect with globals->get_scenery()->get_terrain_branch() and put 
that new triangle into the cache. That happens about every few seconds.
So alltogether this is not performance critical: Intersection with the cache 
is cheap and intersection with the scene happens seldom.

But I observe strange coredumps.

How are threads organized in Flightgear?
Does an other thread change the scenegraph below my a**?
And if so, is there a lock which guards the scenegraph from changes?

A second question:
Which ssgBranch contains objects like an aircraft carrier?



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