On Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2004 18:59, Andy Ross wrote:
> The only "special" hardware on the carrier are the arresting wires and
> catapults.  It would be easier to just model these and let generic
> intersection code handle the deck intersection stuff.
Yes, this is what I meant.

What I thought of is a kind of 'wire surface' which covers the area bewteen 
the first and the last wire. If the hook intersects this surface we cought a 
That is not the whole trueth, but may be a sufficient approximation.

For the catapult I am not shure how this can be done. May be with a surface 
where the gear can be mounted onto the catapult and a line providing the 
direction where the force vector will point to.
If the nose gear intersects this surface, the aircraft can be mounted onto the 

ssg has a class ssgInvisible which could be used for that stuff and which can 
be handled with the generic intersection routines.

But I don't know how such leafs can be placed into the scene graph in an easy 



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