David Megginson wrote:
> Once we support ground reactions with a moving surface (like the
> deck of a ship), why not just model the catapult as a faster moving
> surface?

Because the gear don't simply rest on the catapult to be pulled along
via friction, they're actually bolted to it during the launch.  It
would have to be modelled as a spring force acting on the nose gear to
be correct.  Even that's not quite good enough, since on real cat
shots the gear is artificially compressed to keep the nose from
tipping backwards during the shot.  All of this would have to be
modelled; none of it shares any meaningful behavior with ground

And arrestor wires have their own complexities.  They need to be
"tuned" to the landing aircraft weight to produce the right amount of
deceleration.  This is a manual process on a real carrier, but we'd
have to fake it somehow.


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