I know.  It is like the way things are done in 3D Studio.  Unfortunately, most 
of these features aren't working with 3ds format in FlightGear.  I even had a 
specular level problem at the very beginning.

As for illumination, it is better done by a mask rather than selecting 
material property.  For example, the logo light only shines on certain 
portion of the vertical stabilizer, not the entire thing.  From the way 
things looked, it doesn't seem that AC3D can handle this effect either.

These problems are why I am proposing that some changes should be made to the 
way textures are handled.  May be it is possible to call an external library 
to pre-read a texture, then passit to plib and tell it to use that to render 
certain effects so as to bypass file format specific problems?


On July 9, 2004 03:48 am, Innis Cunningham wrote:
> In AC3D the above features are handled by the material applied to the
> object.You select the material properties first and then add the texture
> over the top

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