Is it possible to have something like this:

Using XML to define fading in places such as the landing light and taxi light 
is fine, but doing so in places such as the cockpit is too much I would 


On July 20, 2004 02:51 pm, Lee Elliott wrote:
> Hello Jim,
> actually, I think there is an animation method (blend) that allows texture
> fading.  I did some experiments with adapting the shadow-map idea to
> simulate landing lights and in principle it seemed to work ok.  Fwiw, it
> involved animating a rectangle textured with a white emissive transparent
> landing-light shaped texture onto the ground ahead of the a/c and at night
> it actually lightened the ground when seen through the texture.  Along with
> fading the texture in or out, with decreasing or increasing agl to vary the
> apparent brightness, the rectangle was also scaled (scale) to get bigger or
> smaller, again varying on agl.

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