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On Feb 29, 2012, at 5:43 AM, Loup Vaillant<l...@loup-vaillant.fr>  wrote:

Yes, I'm aware of that limitation.  I have the feeling however that
IDEs and debuggers are overrated.

When I'm Squeaking, sometimes I find myself modeling classes with the browser 
but leaving method bodies to 'self break' and then write all of the actual code 
in the debugger. Doesn't work so well for hacking on the GUI, but, well.

Okay I take it back. Your use case sounds positively awesome.

I'm curious about 'debuggers are overrated' and 'you shouldn't need one.' Seems 
odd. Most people I've encountered who don't use the debugger haven't learned 
one yet.

Spot on.  The only debugger I have used up until now was a semi-broken
version of gdb (it tended to miss stack frames).

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