Ralph LaChance wrote:
> At 12:46 PM 7/25/02, you wrote:
>>         After seeing the OutOfMemoryError, the AWT renderer is 
>> causing, why
>> don't thinking of providing a PDF viewer in the FOP itself. I think, this
>> will be useful so much. I don't think people couldn't have ever thought
>> about it, but is it diffucult to do so?
>>            I feel, FOP is very much useful with the PDF viewer. What do
>> others say?
> Seems to me it might be a lot simpler to fix the awt viewer...
> Also, oddly enough doing a viewer against pdf is rather tricky -
> Adobe put an un-supported java-bean on their web site, but it
> is buggy and hasn't been updated in 2 or so years. The only
> commercial pkg (a toolset; some assembly required) I know
> of probably would pose a licensing challenge (understatement)

Anyone contacted Adobe to see if they wanna opensource it?

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