At 01:33 PM 7/28/02, you wrote:
>If it helps any, Adobe has a pretty comprehensive Acrobat SDK. Links to it
>can be found at I haven't
>had a good excuse to do it myself, but my impression is that if tighter
>integration is required, it could be done using these tools. There is a
>viewer component that can be pulled up inside another application.

Last time I used the Acrobat SDK (1999) it provided support only building
a plug-in to Acrobat Exchange (not free) - ie. adding functionality to Exchange
itself -- things like specialized searching, indexing, or retrieving simple 
(including text) from the file, adding work flow, modifying Exchange's menus
etc. It provided NO support for rendering per se, and, more importantly,
had almost no support for modifying the (free) Reader.

Whether one could use a plug-in as a vehicle for tightly bolting acrobat
exchange is an interesting concept, but (in my opinion) we'd not have any
chance to doing anything useful with the reader.

I guess I think that integrating fop with the Adobe engines is a non starter
although I wish that weren't the case.

         ' Best,
         -Ralph LaChance

PS I just (very cursorily) rechecked the api and it does not seem much
changed from what I used in the past.

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