Ralph LaChance wrote:

Last time I used the Acrobat SDK (1999) it provided support only building a
plug-in to Acrobat Exchange (not free) - ie. adding functionality to
Exchange itself -- things like specialized searching, indexing, or
retrieving simple objects (including text) from the file, adding work flow,
modifying Exchange's menus etc. It provided NO support for rendering per se,
and, more importantly, had almost no support for modifying the (free)

Whether one could use a plug-in as a vehicle for tightly bolting acrobat
exchange is an interesting concept, but (in my opinion) we'd not have any
chance to doing anything useful with the reader.

Paragraph 1, Chapter 1 of the Core_API/CoreAPIOverview.pdf document in the
Acrobat 5 SDK doc says:

The Acrobat core API is a set of interfaces you can use to write plug-ins
that integrate with Acrobat and Acrobat Reader. This chapter introduces the
core API, describing its object orientation and organization, and a number
of other concepts fundamental to understanding the API.

Ways to Integrate With the Acrobat Viewers
You can develop software that integrates with Acrobat and Acrobat Reader in
two ways:
* By creating plug-ins that are dynamically linked to the Acrobat viewer and
extend the viewer's functionality
* By writing a separate application process that uses interapplication
communication (IAC) to control Acrobat functionality. DDE and OLE are
supported on Windows and Apple events / AppleScript on the Macintosh.

There is a separate InterApplication_Communication folder containing related
documents. Again, I haven't done it, so maybe it is all theory that doesn't
work for the application at hand. And I don't mean to be argumentative -- it
just seems that writing a good PDF viewer would be a big enough task that I
would want to exhaust other possibilities before heading down that path.

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