I agree with Oleg's last sentencetotally - which I translate roughly to 
"lets fix the
awt renderer"

In fact, I'd add a 3rd (or 2 1/2) user - the one who wishes to go directly from
xml to a printer via fop.

My colleagues here and I have inserted several changes to tweak spacings, 
and so on over the past two years, and several other contributors have 
refined the awt renderer over even more.

Recently, I got stumped by a problem in that java's font engine rasterizes 
differently depending on whether the target was the on-screen graphics context
or a printer context.  (see archives) - anyone who could help unsnarl that mess
would be making a noteworthy contribution.

At 07:59 AM 7/28/02, you wrote:
>Matthew L. Avizinis wrote:
>  It might also be helpful to recognize that as FOP becomes more popular there
>>are distinctly _two_ groups of "users" emerging.  The first group has been
>>using FOP from the beginning and those are the Java developers who use FOP
>>to create some other end product.  Recently I've noticed that there are more
>>people attempting to use FOP who are simply people who want to use FOP as an
>>end product (more of an FO viewer) and want it to fulfill the role of a
>>product like X-Smiles (which unfortunately still falls far short of its goal
>>of being a good FO viewer).
>I believe AWT previewer someday in the future will become some kind of FO 
>IDE and afaik even nowadays somebody in the team has something to donate.
>Oleg Tkachenko
>Multiconn International, Israel
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