Matthew L. Avizinis wrote:
  It might also be helpful to recognize that as FOP becomes more popular there
> are distinctly _two_ groups of "users" emerging.  The first group has been
> using FOP from the beginning and those are the Java developers who use FOP
> to create some other end product.  Recently I've noticed that there are more
> people attempting to use FOP who are simply people who want to use FOP as an
> end product (more of an FO viewer) and want it to fulfill the role of a
> product like X-Smiles (which unfortunately still falls far short of its goal
> of being a good FO viewer).

I believe AWT previewer someday in the future will become some kind of FO IDE 
and afaik even nowadays somebody in the team has something to donate.

Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn International, Israel

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