Rhett Aultman wrote:
Yes, it's called Acrobat Reader.  What's being requested is something a
little more tightly integrated to FOP.

RamanaJV wrote:
Acrobat reader is a outside application. If I launch it through a swing
application, it gives the splash screen etc. etc. The idea is to develop a
viewer which can be part of the swing application.

If it helps any, Adobe has a pretty comprehensive Acrobat SDK. Links to it
can be found at http://partners.adobe.com/asn/developer/sdks.html. I haven't
had a good excuse to do it myself, but my impression is that if tighter
integration is required, it could be done using these tools. There is a
viewer component that can be pulled up inside another application.

If the splash screen is a big issue, I think it can be turned off in the
application settings. I don't have Acrobat Reader installed locally, but
(full) Acrobat has (and I think the Reader does also), a setting at the Edit
/ Preferences / Options screen that controls the splash screen at startup.

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