Glen Mazza wrote:

Both of the remarks that Nikolai quoted [1] in leaving
the list came from Andreas [2], not from me [3].  I
was only stating the obvious in my warnings not to use
their code.

I don't appreciate you trying--for those who haven't
been following the thread--to attribute Andreas'
quotes to me.



That was a very misleading oversight on my part. I was aware that the quotes did not come from you, and should have removed them, but I forgot before I posted. I.e., I shot from the hip. My apologies.

Nonetheless, and please don't take this amiss, I stand by the tenor of my comments. I think you need to consider the human effects of the way you express yourself. It's a chronic problem of email exchanges that they are read very differently from the way they are written. A forcefulness that can be quite inoffensive in face-to-face situations can easily generate very defensive responses in email. I suspect that was part of the problem in Andreas' response to you. I'm sure you know all this, and it applies to me as well.

In retrospect, I should probably have expressed my opinions on this to you personally, while assuring Nikolai in public of my regret that he was most welcome on the list. Again, I shot from the hip, and I apologise for that. That said, I hope there may be some beneficial effects from stating those opinions in public, if someone else who reads them becomes less likely in future to take a comment of yours the wrong way. In that sense, my comments may take some pressure *off* you. I hope, at least, that some such beneficial outcome may arise from this.

If there is anything else you would like me to say about this in public, please let me know.

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