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On Jan 6, 2008 8:04 PM, Joan Creus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have also noticed that one of the cities in the catalan list is not really
> Catalan. Tolosa (Toulouse, in its French name) was Occitan. Occitans and
> Catalans were traditional allies, and there were lots of ties between the
> two nations, but they never had the same ruler. In fact, Vielha is another
> city of Occitan culture, but it has been administratively Catalan for
> centuries, and now Catalan, Spanish and Occitan are spoken there. So, Vielha
> stays.

I concur.

> By the way, Occitania is another nation worth including in Freeciv: full of
> legends about the Holy Grail; where troubadours flourished and spread the
> Occitan poems all over Europe, ...

How this never occured to me, I'll never understand. Joan, you're
brighter than me.

Let's work on it! When we're done, I'll make a campaign playing Occitania and
Catalunya against the evil French! :-D

Miguel Farah

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