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Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> Very enlightening discussion. Thanks everyone.
Yeah, it was kinda fun spending several hours learning something entirely
new to me....

There are a lot of parallels to arguments over Romans and Greeks and Kurds
and Armenians, among others.

> I propose keeping the Catalan nation in its current "Països Catalans"
> form while removing it from the 'medieval' group, leaving it simply
> "European".
Investigation showed the Catalans *were* medieval, the cities listed (with
one exception) are properly from the medieval areas.  The "Països Catalans"
are merely an attempt to reunite the culturally related areas.

(Being of Scottish ancestry, and in communication with Scottish 2nd and 3rd
cousins, I understand and sympathize.)

The silly idea that the label "Crown of ..." is more important is confusing
heraldic precedence with reality.  The Aragonese princess was a child bride,
the dominate dynasty was Catalan, the capital was Catalan.

Aragonese culture wasn't the primary culture that was spread, and the
present language distribution demonstrates the reality....

We've seen this before with Greeks.  Alexander the Great wasn't Greek
(unless you subscribe to the theory that all French and Spanish are
actually Italian because the language root is the same).  He *conquered*
the Greeks.  The Empire was officially Macedonian.

But the era is called Hellenic, because the Hellenic culture was spread.

In a truly civilization spanning game, it's helpful to pay more attention
to scientific archaeological and anthropological analysis instead of
partisan bickering that the existence of Catalan is somehow insulting to
the Spanish....

> Creating a 'cultural' group is a great idea - I'd like to introduce it
> in 2.2 where we will have a lot more of this kind of nation in the
> default ruleset.
Good idea.  But I'd add it in addition to the medieval, etc.  After all,
it's just a group label.

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