Hi Dark,
Well, this is one of those cases of yes and no. It is true the GMA engine will allow you to create various armer classes, pick up items from killed monsters, create and cast different spells, etc. However, the features you described applies to a lot of First Person games and not just RPG. I guess this is one of those cross over points, but technically the GMA engine isn't an RPG engine. Neither is Genesis 3D though they have many of the features you would need for a real time RPG game they aren't really RPG games. In an RPG game there are a variety of stat checks that determines if you can do this or that. If you toss a stun spell at a creature the game would have to roll a dice and see if it succeeded or failed. if it succeeded how much damage was done. Instead in the GMA engine if you are looking in the right direction and the enemy is in rrange the stun spell will succeed no matter what. That might be a small difference, but I think one that needs to be taken into acccount. Another thing is the entire deal with experience points and skill levels. The GMA engine won't allow you to train skills and gain experience points. For me the ability to train skills, train powers, and gain experience is a vital part of an RPG. Without them everything is just static and is nothing more than a glorified FPS style game. Then there is character creation. Another important feature the GMA engine lacks is the ability to create custom characters. In a RPG game you should be able to pick character stats, race, class, etc. You can't do this with the GMA engine.

dark wrote:
Hi tom.

The principle reason I thought the gma engine might do an rpg game is to do with the way certain things worked in shades and Sarah.

It can manifestly hanndle talking to characters (even with random speeches like the 2 way mirror in Sarah), shops keys and locks.

This is the bulk of the exploration part of an rpg.

for the offensive part, it can handle armor, hp weapons with various ranges, a variety of monsters which drop items when killed.

Put all these together and you already have enough to make an action rpg similar to some of the zelda games, ---- which do not have character leveling.

I'm sure Phil will correct me on this if I'm wrong, but it also occurs to me that to level characters, all you need to do at base is to have the strength, armor, or amo of specific weapons, ---- ie, mana for spells, increase according to either an enemy's killed statistic or completion of some other goals, ---- such as finishing quests.

If stat increases must be tied to collection of items, then some work around such as collection of magic christals from defeated monsters could be used, ----- and then have stat increases at various points, strength increase at 100 christals for example).

If stat increases need to be tied to having certain armor or weapons, then simply use a shop.

this is why I say that the Gma engine could make an rpg, ---- and if the genesis engine has some of the same atributes, it might be able to as well.

Appologies if I've got something incredibly wrong here, I'm just basing this on what I've seen the gma engine do thus far in shades and sarah, and breaking down an rpg conceptually.

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