Hi Shadow Dragon

  To mention a few other Marvel characters there is
Captain America
various Greek/Norse figures
The Avengers [with numerous members over the years]
And others that aren't coming to mind.  Makes me wonder if there is an 
online version of the Marvel Universe, which was bios on all the characters 
including the dead ones.


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Personally I don't exactly think the marvel characters are more popular, a
lot of it is that the most commonly known series from the marvel universe is
x men, and there's a whole ton of x men, so when you compare it to shows
like superman, or batman, where there's only really one main hero and some
villains, its not really a fair matchup. Personally I don't really know of
any other marvel people besides the x men off hand.

My god, wolverine versus baraka would be insane. It's the perfect matchup,
extendable metal claws versus extendable metal blades. It'd be insane. And a
lot of the other marvel powers would fit right in with the mk stuff too,
like gambit with his staff and cards, cyclopse with his laser eye, etc. You
could get some seriously intense matchups going there. Lets hope they manage
to get the license to some of the marvel characters and break out a truly
finominal game. MK versus DC had its finer points, baraka versus deathstroke
for the win, but nothing could beat mk versus marvel. Save maybe another
straight mk game without the superhero craziness.

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