Hi James,
Ok, I guess i can meet you part way here. What I can do is leave the enter key as is, but add an automatic pickup feature if you happen to get near any item. Does that suit you?

James Dietz wrote:

Having a torch which is constantly running out would give the game a
sense of urgency - especially if most of the rooms are dark as Tom
says.  Besides... when would you really think to blow out your torch?
In my opinion, this is just another feature the game doesn't need to
be fun (I guess I'm going to have to agree to disagree with Tom about
enter-to-pick-up-stuff).  Too many keys and featuresto remember result
in a less fluid and enjoyable experience.  Remember the player is
going to be jumping around, killing monsters and scooping treasure.
Are they going to take the time out to remember to blow out their
torch (or hit enter to pick up an item, holster their weapon to jump
over a pit)?  Keeping track of such boring figures isn't exciting,
it's tedius.  The realism (or ... unrealism for this feature I
suppose) argument doesn't fly with me.


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