Good lord, I've already got enough requests to fix this and that as it is. Are you guys trying to kill me? Lol! Seriously, it might ad rreplay value if the level gets reset with more monsters, gold coins, whatever to find basically doing the entire level over again. However, I do see the point that some people just want to fly through the game, and not go back to the beginning. This is not a simple decision. Though, I think like you said a saved checkpoint is probably the best way to satisfy most of the people here.

Liam Erven wrote:
Please.  No no.  The last thing I want to do is get to the last room, die,
and have  to retrace my steps.
That is one of the things that really puts me off about the demo
Why not do what other games do.  If you die, you start at the beginning of
the room, but you have five seconds to get your berrings, so let's say a
skeleton kills you, you'd start back in that previosu room, but would have a
couple seconds to acclimate yourself.  During that time to be fair you could
not attack anything, so that way it couldn't be used as a strategy.
Or.  You could always have check points or safe rooms that would let you
start from there if you died.  It just seems ridiculous to have to retrace
ones steps through an empty level.

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