to bad we can't just hack the stuff to be usefull, and really get their 
attention though its probably not going to get us closer.
Truth is Unless we can get on the same tech level as them we will never win.
Because we are blind we currently are not able to get there.
I have friends interested in playing some games well 1 but no programmers.
and nothing really big enough to make a difference.
Hmm wander if the same thing would happen if we approached ms, maybe we could 
get somewhere, xna is free so we could make games, even if ms marketed those 
with access features we did or something.
However I remember there was a major cost for that.
At 05:33 p.m. 2/03/2009, you wrote:
>Hi Dark,
>Yeah, I have to agree it will begin with indipendant markets first. Smaller 
>developers are more open to new ideas and suggestions then the mainstream big 
>larger corperations. I can remember last year me and another person contacted 
>Sony about possably adding voice output to the menus and various other access 
>improvements for the platform. Unfortunately, we never got passed the low 
>level guys in the customer service department. All we got for our multiple 
>e-mails is "thank you for your suggestion, we can not disclose future plans 
>for the Playstation, they don't allow their developers to speak to the public 
>about new feature ideas, and basically get lost."
>Really quite sad because we can't even have a reasonable discussion with these 
>people about access issues because they have lots of middlemen who act 
>important, talk important, and have 0 power at all. When you ask them to send 
>you up the chain of command they give you the "sorry, I am not alloud to do 
>that," speal. So we are really screwed by there internal polacies as muchas 
>anything else. I suppose if someone got on talk radio, a television show, put 
>an article in the paper about the waySony was treating accessibility they 
>might crawl out of the woodwork claiming total ignorance. In a since they'd be 
>telling the truth since they put the middlemen there to deflect you and I from 
>talking to them one on one so nothing we say ever gets braught to their 
>attention. I'm sorry to say I know of no other way to get there attention than 
>by sticking there face in it by making it a public media issue, or taking them 
>to court and performing a class action law suit. Neither way will make the
m any more willing to talk, and will make them angry if nothing else.
>One reason I support Sryth is I can have a one on one dialog with the 
>developer. Get to know him, and he listens when I have an idea, comment, or 
>suggestion. Even if he never takes my input at least I feel better knowing I 
>was heard. Not so with Sony or the other big companies. they blow you off 
>without a backwards glance. As if you were a pesky fly or something.
>dark wrote:
>>As I've said before, I see independent game developers as very much the 
>>future of game access.
>>they are small enough both to have a dialogue with, and that the sales of 
>>games to Vi gamers can actually make a difference to them.
>>While it would be fantastic if the likes of midway, Capcom or nintendo were 
>>to include access features, I'm not certain with their high turn over of 
>>produced games, and their need to sell literally millions of copies that it 
>>would be from a purely capitalistic point of view worth their while.
>>Of course this isn't to say that I think the efforts of Igda etc shouldn't be 
>>directed at those companies just that I'd be more surprised if something came 
>>of it.
>>>From the independent games point of view, while I appreciate the findings of 
>>7-128 on the number of website actually devoted to gaming for the motion or 
>>hearing impared, it does seem that the issues involved are much more well 
>>known, sinse independent games like retroremakes and the indi games showcase 
>>have accessibility guidelines and sections which focus exclusively upon those 
>>areas but have litle to no mention of sound access at all.
>>While I don't doubt the findings of the servay, it appears from the 
>>experience i've had that Vi access is less known about in general by the vast 
>>majority of independent games developers than other forms of access, ----- 
>>which probably explains the larger amount of specialized resources available.
>>Obviously as with most of these sorts of findings though it's dependent upon 
>>where you look, and it might just be I've stumbled upon the few handy 
>>resources available in this area.
>>Beware the Grue!
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