sinse i keep getting utterly lost in the warriors 2 dungeons, I've gbeen trying to discuss setting up a coordinates system with the gm.

His initial suggestion of an aski map wasn't great, and after I asked about in room coordinates I got the following charming response:

with the system i have today im sorry to tell.. there are
hundreds of different dungeons, so writing such things would
be impossible, writing a code that pickedup what you can
see in a dungeon is not that easy ider im affraid. none can
se the howl dungeon, its covered in "fog of war", so you can
only se where you have resently been. this makes it hard as
hell to just tell how to get from one point to another in some
smart way.
best regardS/Zac

Needless to say, I won't be playing the game anymore, sinse I'm at the stage now where to do anything new I absolutely need to do dungeons to progress in the game, and I'll be making a note of this on the warriors 2 page as well.

Beware the Grue!


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