I did think of the dungeon positioning thing, but I just find it really hard to believe that someone that's cooperative as the warriors2 GM usually is wouldn't be willing to do a quick fix like that. There must be more to it. I guess generally I give developers the benefit of the doubt since they've put so much work into these games anyway that it wouldn't make a lot of sense for them not to want or be able to pull out quick fixes, as other developers have proven. But then again, I guess everyone has their own willingness to do things as well, as you pointed out one guy even recreated an entire game system just so we could play it. Now that's devotion. But its pretty unreasonable to expect even half that kind of devotion from any developer, in my opinion. From what I hear dungeons aren't really that easy for sighted players either, and I just remembered something, if you go back through a cleared square in a dungeon it stays cleared, and doesn't use a turn, so that makes a good nav point. My main problem with warriors is the repetitiveness. There's certain things I want to see in warriors, but like a lot of other games you have to do a certain number of laps before you can see them and that doesn't stick too well with me on general principal. The bigger dungeons get a tad ridiculously huge too, so that doesn't help. I'm not sure if a coordinate system or some other form of grid-based location would help with that either, since really all that'd help you do is keep track of where you are, not where you've been or where you should go next. Anyway if you want to drop this topic that's fine, we both pretty obviously have our sepperate opinions about accessibility issues.

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It's not a Hal vs Jaws issue, ---- unless Jaws suddenly has the ability to interpret image maps.

Sinse other webmasters have done similar things accessibility wise, ----- heck, the webmaster of Chronicles of Arborell has created an entire other version of his game written completely from scratch.

I'm going on the basis that written in the code must be something which identifies the position of each room precisely in the dungeon anyway, ----- and why not add an access feature?

If it's simply a matter of interpreting a complex page view that indeed comes down to screen reader ifficiency, however this case is purely to do with in game graphics.

What you do reguarding warriors 2 is up to you. I certainly have no intentions of removing the game from the database purely because of this issue, but if it's necessary to go into such details creating dungeon maps sinse the webmaster isn't willing to help make the lives of Vi players as easy as those of sited ones, I do feel a note is necessary.

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