Not only software, but food, hardware, everything in the world that is sellable 
should be put under the gnu general public license. the license should be 
adapted to apply to food, hardware, cars, everything. The goal of an artist 
should not be to simply do it for the money. the goal or the reason behind any 
job is that you do the job because you're naturally good at it or learned 
through someone else and as a result enjoy doing your job and your reward is 
the satisfaction that you are making others happy, feel good, or are 
contributing to society. Imagine if there were no cost, there would be no 
stealing because there would be no need to steal. One of the major thing that I 
think causes people to steal things such as pirating windos to stealing cars is 
because they cannot afford it. because they don't have the money. Now remove 
money out of the picture. Does it mean windows has less value because it is now 
free from price? no. It is free from the dollar or the price but what does 
Microsoft now get? They get thank you letters saying what a good product they 
made. They get self-satisfaction because they enjoy writing software and 
contributing to society. The day the market collapses and people realise there 
are far greater things than the value of money will be a wonderful day. Oh 
business will still continue but it will change and take a different form. This 
may take decades or centuries maybe 1000 years or so but it will happen. If 
there were one religion in the world, no need for money no need to kill 
etcetera the world would be wonderful. Open source is the first step along this 
road and although I may not have the money to donate, I will contribute by 
being a user and providing feedback when I can. And I will hopefully someday 
learn programming so I can contribute to it. 


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